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Go Eagles!

Eisenhower High School


Go Eagles!

Eisenhower High School

Go Eagles!

Eisenhower High School


2022 Eisenhower Eagles 

Volunteer Opportunities


Boosters Concession Events with Volunteer Opportunities.                                           

Click the link below to sign up for a volunteer event.


Girl’s Soccer


Boy’s LaCrosse


Girl’s Lacrosse


Volunteer at Culver's!




Remember  Athletic Booster Club Members that Volunteer may qualify for one of the  Athletic Booster Club Scholarship Programs:

-College Scholarship:  One volunteer credit will be allocated for each ‘volunteer signup’ worked for or by a senior student-athlete.  For More information, Click Here!

-Underclassmen Scholarship:  One volunteer credit will be allocated for each ‘volunteer signup’ worked for or by an underclassman student-athlete. For more information, Click Here!

All organizations should purchase general liability insurance, typically thought of as “slip and fall” insurance, which comes into play when someone is hurt or their property is damaged in your office, theaters, clinic or other areas. Even organizations that don’t have offices are subject to claims for damages such as a slip and fall at a program, or damage to property at a location where a fundraiser was held.

The Boosters want you to know that our coverage includes:

  • Property insurance for damage to property (including computer and other records) owned or leased by the nonprofit
  • Fidelity insurance for possible embezzlement
  • Social services professional coverage for errors and omissions that could arise in the course of carrying out the missions, providing counseling, advice in support groups, and so forth
  • Accident insurance in case a volunteer, program participant, or gallery patron is injured on the premises
  • Improper sexual conduct insurance, particularly because our organization and it’s members work with minors.

To reference our policy, Click Here!