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Go Eagles!

Eisenhower High School


Go Eagles!

Eisenhower High School

Go Eagles!

Eisenhower High School

Fields & Directions

Indoor Sports: Eisenhower High School.

Sports played or competed at Eisenhower

Varsity Baseball, JV Baseball, Freshman Baseball

Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball, Freshman Basketball (Boys and Girls)

Varsity Cheer, JV Cheer, Freshman Cheer

Varsity Swim, JV Swim (Boys and Girls)

Varsity Tennis, JV Tennis, Freshman Tennis (Boys and Girls)

Varsity Track

Varsity Volleyball, JV Volleyball, Freshman Volleyball 

Varsity Wrestling

Door 14 (represented by a STAR) is the Main Entrance to the Main Gym, Pool, and New Aux

All parking to events has been illustrated in light blue.



6500 25 Mile Rd
Shelby Charter Township, MI 48316
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Spring Sports: Baseball/Softball/Track/Soccer Fields.

Spring Locations

Parking can be accessed by the fields being used. Malow Jr High can be used as parking if the school is not in session. DO NOT park on the grass or block in other participants.

Swinehart Football Field.

Sports played at Swinehart Field

Varsity Football, JV Football, Freshman Football

Varsity Soccer, JV Soccer (Boys and Girls)

Varsity Lacrosse, JV Lacrosse (Boys and Girls)

47255 Shelby Rd
Shelby Charter Township, MI 48317
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