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Go Eagles!

Eisenhower High School

Go Eagles!

Eisenhower High School

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2 years ago @ 9:49AM

Ike Athletic Booster Club Underclassmen and College Scholarships

Attention:  All Athletic Booster Club Members

I wanted to reach out to you as the time has come to start collecting scholarship application from your athletics to have an opportunity to win one of our 14 scholarships we offer thru the Eisenhower Athletic Booster Club.  


These are the scholarships we offer;


$500 towards College tuition

4 - Awarded to Senior boys  

4 - Awarded to Senior girls


One time fee covering pay to participate ($165 currently)

2 - Awarded to Juniors 

2 -  Awarded to Sophomores 

2 -  Awarded to Freshman 


The links to the applications are above along with the requirements to apply for these scholarships.  


Please pass this information and applications along to your players and parents on your teams.  The deadline for all applications is APRIL 13, 2020 at the Booster club meeting that evening.  The board will be accepting any and all applications from now until then.   Applications can be submitted in person at any board meeting (2nd Monday of each month in the ECC 7 p.m.) or drop off at the school office and put in the booster club mail box labeled scholarship on the envelope application. If they have any question please have them contact me via email, text or call at 248-765-6624. 


As always, I appreciate all you do for our program and athletics.  


Kindest regards, 

Leslie Valutis 

Athletic Booster Club Scholarship Chairperson 



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